The registration fee for Synod 2023 will be $125 per person for all eligible members and includes:

  • morning and afternoon breaks on Friday and Saturday
  • the noon meal on Friday and Saturday.

A registration and payment form will be sent to parish clergy with their letter.

If you are a lay representative to Synod and you know at this time that you will not be able to attend, please let your incumbent know as soon as possible. This will enable the appropriate notice to be sent to this office advising who will be the alternate representative. Alternates (as elected by the parish) only attend if an elected delegate is not able to attend. With the changes in our Constitution and Canons, only delegates (or alternates) elected at a meeting of Vestry may be members of Synod and participate (speak, make a motion, vote).A special meeting (one topic only) of Vestry may be required to elect an alternate lay delegate if this didn’t happen at your annual meeting. Alternates cannot be appointed by the Parish Advisory Council, wardens or incumbent.


Synod delegate registration fee:  $125.