The deadline for nominations for Diocesan Synod Council and Provincial Synod 2024 is April 21, 2023.

One of the key functions at Synod is electing those that will represent our diocese as delegates to General or Provincial Synod and electing members of Diocesan Synod Council. In preparation for this, we are coordinating nominations for:Our own (Diocese of Ontario) Synod Council
Provincial Synod 2024.

We will not be electing delegates to General Synod at this Synod. The delegates for General Synod 2023 (July) were elected at our last Synod (2021).
Prayerfully consider letting your name stand for nomination to one or both of these positions.

Representatives to our Diocesan Synod Council will be elected by each Deanery at Synod on the Friday. The election of Synod Council will be ratified by Synod after which the Council will be installed later Friday afternoon. The representation needed for each deanery, is listed below.

Representative required by deanery

  • Leeds-Grenville
    • 1 Lay AND
    • 1 Lay or Clergy Member
  • Frontenac
    • 1 Lay or Clergy Member
  • Hastings
    • 1 Lay, 1 Clergy AND
    • 1 Lay or Clergy Member
  • Quinte
    • 1 Lay Member

Members of Synod Council serve for two years (between Synods) and can stay as members for two consecutive terms. After serving two terms, an individual must be off of Synod Council for a term (2 years) in order to be eligible to stand again.

Lay and clerical delegates to Provincial Synod. The Diocese of Ontario will be sending four lay delegates and four clerical delegates alongside the bishop, chancellor, executive officer and finance officer to Provincial Synod in 2024. We also have the opportunity to identify a youth delegate (age 16-25). Provincial Synod will be held the week of September 24, 2024 (exact dates not confirmed) in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

If you are interested in serving on Synod Council or representing the Diocese of Ontario at Provincial Synod 2024, please fill out the nomination form and return it to the Synod Office by Friday, April 21.