The Education for Laity committee is an independent off-shoot of the Training & Development committee (a duly constituted non-standing committee under Canon A5 of the Diocesan Canons). The Training and Development Committee concentrates on the education and training of ordained people and those on the path towards ordination.The Education for Laity Committee focuses on the Christian education of laity and those who do not at the present feel the call to ordination but do feel the need to grow spiritually and knowledgably in the workings of our church and their faith.

The Committee is a balanced mix of clergy and lay people who prayerfully strive to assist individuals and groups in growing further to build up our church and the spread the Word to our communities.

Vision statement: To develop through education, engaged, well equipped laity.

Mission statement: To provide opportunities for lay Christian development.

Committee members:

Clergy: Venerable Archdeacon Wayne Varley, Rev. Canon Dr. Bob Wright, Rev. John Morrison.
Laity: Sylvia Dopking, Mary Raddon, Greg Smith.