We will welcome Bishop Susan Bell of the Diocese of Niagara as our plenary speaker on Saturday, May 27. Bishop Susan will seek to provide us with inspiration as she leads us through a process designed to get us on the road to developing a Mission Action Plan (MAP) for our parishes and diocese. Her presentations and the work we will undertake, are designed to offer us an opportunity for reflection, renewal and a space to consider creative and prayerful action toward furthering God’s mission for our parishes and diocese.

The sessions with Bishop Susan will also be recorded and offered as a resource for parishes following synod, allowing them to host their own Mission Action Plan workshops.

View Bishop Susan's Synod 2023 Preview Video.

Questions for Synod Delegates

Bishop Susan will also provide us with a series of 3 questions leading up to synod, that will prepare delegates for their work at synod, and our journey forward as a diocese. The first of these questions is listed below, with the other two to follow at the end of February and March. 

Bishop Susan's first question for synod delegates:

Consider Matthew 28:16-20. According to scripture, what is the Mission of the  Church? Considering your own context, is a Missional church distinct from what you are currently doing? How? And most importantly, why? Can we make room for a different conversation? 

Bishop Susan's second question for synod delegates:

Consider Matthew 10:1-8.  Jesus sent the disciples out among the people to demonstrate God’s love by meeting their needs through practical acts of healing and spiritual peacemaking. The disciples came alongside and joined God’s mission of love in this world. Importantly, the disciples went out. In your own context, how and where might we go out to our communities and engage the spiritual and practical needs of the people instead of expecting them to come to us?

Bishop Susan's third question for synod delegates:

Consider John 13:35. How do we, as Christian communities, intentionally cultivate safe space for discovery, experimentation, and commitment to new forms of ministry and mission?