The Synod of the Diocese of Ontario will convene from May 26 to 28, 2023. You will note two significant changes with synod being held in the Spring and running from Friday through Pentecost Sunday.

This year is the 160th anniversary year of our diocese but, like many anniversaries over the past two years, the uncertainties of COVID-19 made it impossible to plan an event. The Diocese will gather on May 28 to hold a diocesan celebration at the Cathedral of St. George on Pentecost Sunday, giving thanks for 160+ years of faithful ministry across our diocese.

Synod will be held this year at the Queen's University BioScience building for the meetings of synod.

Bishop Michael Oulton has invited Bishop Susan Bell of the Diocese of Niagara to be the plenary speaker at Synod and our Metropolitan Archbishop, Anne Germond, to be the preacher at the diocesan service on Pentecost Sunday.

The bishop asks that you please hold those involved in preparing for synod in your prayers.