The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a wide and powerful range of impacts on our lives and how our churches function. Not surprisingly, this extends to Annual Vestry Meetings as well.

Vestry Meetings in 2022

We continue to live in a pandemic that forces us to manage our church life within restrictions on in-person public gatherings, including meeting at and as the church. As we begin the year, another activity that is normally an in-person gathering is the annual meeting of Vestry.

The annual meeting of Vestry plays a core and important role, both legally and missionally, in our life together as church. It is a gathering of qualified persons in a congregation to review the work of the past year, to chart a course for the year or years ahead and to elect key positions. It is a way each member shares in discernment and decision-making while also facilitating mutual accountability. Due to the risk of COVID-19 spread, however, there are restrictions placed by government and local health units as well as the care being taken by all of us out of “an abundance of caution” in protecting each other. Therefore, as a temporary measure, it is necessary for us to carefully consider how this year’s meetings will happen and where required, to find new or adapted means to engage safely and effectively in our annual meetings as parish vestries.

Use the link below to download the Guidelines for Vestry Meetings During the Pandemic.

Liturgy for Use at Annual Vestry

In order to help minimize the time gathered during an In Person meeting, the Worship Committee has prepared a Liturgy which can be used to combine worship and the annual meeting in a time effective way. Use the link below to download the Liturgy for Use at Annual Vestry