At our Diocesan Synod in November 2016 we adopted a new Vision and Strategy for our Diocese. This new vision and strategy builds on the relational nature of our Diocese while providing us with a means to achieving our goal of transitioning from maintenance to mission.

The Diocese of Ontario has executed key initiatives in strategic planning over the last decade and a half beginning with the 2003 Strategic Plan, the 2012 Resourcing Ministry Task Force, the 2014 Ministry Task Force and the resulting Covenant Team beginning in 2014.

Building on the success of these previous initiatives, Synod 2016 saw the launch of a new diocesan vision and strategy initiative—Living Boldly into the World.

Like the branches on a tree, the diocesan vision and strategy focuses on three main missional elements: Mission Driven Stewardship; Investing in Ministry; and Serving Communities.

These elements of the missional tree are rooted in the soil of the Gospel, all the while keeping our diocese connected and engaged. This enables to build focus, intentionality, as well as commitment, and enables us as disciples of Christ to fully utilize our time, talents and treasure. The three distinct branches of the tree depict the three main components of how we intend to live out our mission.

One branch invests in ministry, the second branch seeks to serve the communities our parishes are part of, and the third branch is mission driven stewardship—the means to achieving our mission. The garden soil this tree grows in is the Gospel of Christ. Together, these elements form a visual representing the Vision and Strategy for the Diocese of Ontario. Connected and engaged; Living Boldly into the World. And remember, the branches are connected. You have to have all three to achieve success.