Amber Stage guidelines and resources

The re-opening of our church buildings for worship, ministry and community use will take place over a period of time and within the established guidelines as outlined by the Provincial House of Bishops in the document “Loving our Neighbours” letter.

All directives of the Government of Ontario (and Quebec, where applicable) and local public health authorities must be followed at all times, including the following foundational pandemic hygiene guidance: washing hands often; staying home if feeling ill; practising physical distancing and where not possible, wearing a face covering.

During all stages, public health directives and diocesan guidelines must be followed and rigorous deep cleaning and disinfecting must happen on a regular basis. Where discrepancies exist between local, provincial, diocesan guidelines and the template below, the more restrictive guideline should be followed.

Amber Stage

AMBER STAGE effective September 7, 2020, if conditions permit.
First Sunday would be September 13

FAQ's and Cleaning and Disinfecting supplies

- ReOpening guidelines FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) download.
- The Diocese has arranged for cleaning and disinfecting supplies to be available to churches at a negotiated price. Download fact sheet.  

Diocesan message of September 18, 2020
To: wardens, treasurers and clergy of the Churches of the Diocese of Ontario 
A number of our churches re-opened last Sunday and many more plan on re-opening in the coming weeks. We have had a number of questions and some requests for clarification come in during the last few days. Here are some key points of clarification and a correction...[read more].

Please refer to additional video resources and forms for parish use
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AMBER STAGE highlights

    • Corporate worship may be conducted in-person; the wearing of face coverings is strongly encouraged, unless contraindicated
      • The Eucharist maybe celebrated, with distribution of the bread only.
      • Singing by soloists or only. No congregational or choir singing.
      • The Peace will be shared using non-contact gestures from pews.
    • Online services continue to be offered in addition to in-person worship.
    • Larger in-person meetings may resume where physical distancing is possible.
    • Food and beverages are not to be served or shared at coffee hours, meetings, pot-lucks.
    • Routine pastoral care visits may resume, observing heightened hygiene practices.

In this new video, Bishop Michael welcomes The Diocese of Ontario Back to Church for the AMBER PHASE of Parish ReOpening.

The following video provided by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto offers a comprehensive overview of COVID-19 safety requirements for our parishes upon reopening for public worship.

Other resources and forms