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October 23, 2023
Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce the appointment of The Rev. Canon Nancy Beale and The Rev. Dr. Bram Pearce as archdeacons of the Diocese of Ontario, effective immediately.

As Archdeacon for Rural Ministry and Training, Nancy Beale’s role will facilitate the growth and support of rural ministries in our diocese and to offer training for congregations in the areas of ministry, stewardship, congregational development, and other identified needs. Nancy remains the incumbent of the Parish of St. Andrew’s, Wellington, St. Philip’s, Milford and is the warden of the Lay Readers Association.

Bram Pearce is appointed the Archdeacon of Ontario, consisting of the Archdeaneries of Quinte and Hastings. Bram was recently appointed the incumbent of St. Mary Magdalene, Picton.

Blessings upon Nancy and Bram as they undertake their new ministries and mission in the Diocese of Ontario. I invite you to welcome them both and I look forward to their collation at a future diocesan service. Their ministry, as is ours, is to build the Church in Christ both in their parochial and diocesan roles.

Yours faithfully,
Bishop William G. Cliff
XIII Bishop of Ontario