Members of Synod

To Incumbents and Priests-In-Charge,
As we communicated after the Pre-Synod meeting, the Planning Committee has decided to make all parts of Synod 2021 available for members of Synod to fully participate online.

In order to ensure that we provide as simple and straight forward an experience as possible for those attending online and to allow the Hubs to be adjusted and prepared, we need the incumbent/priest-in-charge for each church/vestry with delegates (members of synod) to register the members they have previously certified and provide the mode of attendance for each member of Synod (lay and clerical).

We have setup an online form which should only take a few minutes per church/vestry to complete (each church vestry is a separate submission). The form is a Web Form and the responses will be automatically added to our registration database.

The form can be found at:

Please complete this form for each of your churches/vestries by close of business on Monday October 18. We will also use this database to distribute access to the Synod Circular for the Members of Synod.

Non-Synod Members

Non-Synod Members are invited to join in on Friday October 29 for a day of missional reflections and ministry presentations beginning at 9 am. The sessions will feature our Keynote Speaker, Bishop William Cliff (Diocese of Brandon) and our own Bishop Michael Oulton. There will also be breakout sessions (online) for discussion. Also offered will be the Ministry Showcase and Expo, which will provide virtual and interactive displays by groups and partners of our diocese.

To provide the best online experience, we ask you to complete a quick registration for the day. You will receive an email with more information and instructions on access. Please complete your registration by end of day on Wednesday October 27, 2021.

Registration form: