2021 Advent Reflections in the Diocese of Ontario

During these coming four weeks of Advent the Diocese of Ontario will feature a video reflection each week from a member of our diocese.

Fourth week of Advent: Love with Rev. Sandra Hounsell-Drover

 On this fourth week of Advent, Rev. Sandra Hounsell-Drover highlight the theme of Joy through her favorite hymn: ‘People Look East.’ Written by English author Eleanor Farjeon who was famous for her children's stories and plays, People Look East first appeared in the Oxford Book of Carols in 1928. This year more than ever, Advent replies ‘People Look East’ to see the one who is coming to show us the light of God’s face and the joy that is real. 

Third week of Advent: Joy with Rev. Dr. Mike Michielin

As we travel along our Christian journey and put into practice faith, love and hope, we begin to receive glimmers of joy from God. But what is this joy that Advent prepares us for? Rev. Dr. Mike Michielin explores the theme of Joy in this third week of Advent.

Second week of Advent: Peace with Rev. Noel Henry

During this second week of Advent, Rev. Noel Henry asks us to consider the theme of peace—and how Jesus offers a peace to be had within the midst of life’s ongoing turmoil and troubles.

First week of Advent: Hope and Faith with Martha Riddell

The word Advent means 'arrival' or 'coming'. In this first week of Advent, Martha Riddell invites us to think about the themes of hope and faith and the three ways in which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ comes to us.