Resolutions presented by the Green Group and passed at synod of 2008.

1. Whereas there are health risks related to plastic water containers, and whereas there are environmental issues involved with the manufacture and disposal of water bottles, and whereas there are major social ramifications to the sale and purchase of water; be it resolved that we will use and promote the use of potable tap water and avoid the use of single use water bottles in our home, work places and especially our churches.

2. Whereas as Christians we wish to promote environmental sustainability, be it resolved that in our homes, workplaces and especially our churches, we make a determined effort as individuals and groups to use only reusable eating utensils and cutlery and avoid Styrofoam and other disposable products.

Diocesan Synod 2020 Resolution [submitted for future consideration]

Be it resolved that this Synod of the Diocese of Ontario:

1. Recognizes, on behalf of the parishes of the Diocese of Ontario, that there is a growing global climate emergency.

2. Encourages the diocese and its parishes to continue making the Baptismal Covenant and the fifth Mark of Mission a priority in our stewardship.

3. Urges every Anglican in our diocese to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

4. Requests parishes to continue the development and implementation of action plans including reducing their carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 over 2018 levels and to report annually to Synod Council on progress being made.

5. Directs Synod Council to recognize the climate emergency as a strategic priority in program development and budgeting.

6. Seeks to collaborate with other partners to strengthen our voice on the climate emergency.

7. Requests the Green Group to organize education opportunities about the climate emergency throughout the diocese.

Background: We are moving perilously close to a tipping point in the climate emergency that will unleash devastating impacts around the world. With increasing scientific data and overwhelming evidence that climate change is underway, countries, governments and many individuals are concerned about our collective future. Environmental refugees, the poor and those living in vulnerable regions are especially exposed.

Responding to these developments the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada and the Canadian House of Commons has acted and declared a climate emergency. The intent of this resolution is to align the Diocese of Ontario with those declarations and to initiate actions that will prepare us and the next generation for both reducing and coping with the impacts of climate change.

The baptismal Covenant and the fifth Mark of Mission ask us to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth. We, as Anglican Christians, join with other faith communities in answering God’s call to be stewards of creation. Working together with God’s help let us act swiftly and forcefully to safeguard the earth and all creatures on it.